My Hair Drug Test Journey Macujo Method Vs Jerry G

I am having an upcoming hair drug test and from what I gathered, Nexxus Aloe Rid (old formula) can help me to get THC out of my hair follicles. This method called the macujo method it requires a few more stuff, washing your hair with Aloe Rid shampoo isn’t enough, unfortunately.

Bad part is its damn expensive, it costs 235$ and the method requires a few more components, its also bad that Nexxus Aloe Rid is not available at Walmart, according to many websites, and only the old formula works, so if you walk into a hair salon you can not get some Nexxus Aloe Rid there.

I also check a couple of videos related to the Macujo method and Aloe Rid shampoo, but most of the comments are not helpful, how dumb can u be, these test go back 90 days, if u haven’t done anything in that time frame, u will pass, if u smoke or do any drugs within the 90 days depending on how heavy, you will most likely fail, this guy isn’t a tech or doc and went off what he was told by someone else, I’m going thru this now with my work bc of a direct hire n I have to test.

Found out ONE WEEK AGO, quit smoking the very next day, I have to test this Thursday or Friday IF I can drag it out, do this method 7x in the last two days and wash with the shampoo about 5 times.
BEFORE I started the macujo method, had the aloe rid overnighted, very heavy smoker and do a little white here and there, if this works for me, I’ve been recording the whole thing and I will post a video that’s better then a guy telling you what he heard from someone else, why the fuck hasn’t anyone done this yet which pisses me off, GoPro everything I’ve done so far and will give an account of my experience, don’t ask me about meth or anything else if it works for that as I’ve not done any other drugs outside what I stated above. Bought the ultra clean and Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo from test clear. I really hope it will work because Aloe Rid old formula costs more than 200 dollars and its just one component of the treatment.

If I fail my home hair drug test then I might try to do the Jerry G method. That method also helps to get rid of THC from your hair follicles, but it’s not gentle with your hair. Instead of Aloe Rid shampoo it contains ammonia which basically destroys your hair, it might even cause permanent damage in your hair, but as long as it works I don’t really care. Getting this job is much more important than anything.
I would be very pissed if the Macujo method wouldn’t work because I have paid a shit load of money for Nexxus Aloe rid detox shampoo, and according to many sites and testclear, this is the best and easiest way to pass a hair follicle drug test.

A word of warning for those who would like to shave their hair off: It doesn’t work! I know someone who pulled this trick, and it didn’t work out. They can take hair sample anywhere from your body, it’s quite humilating. They can also tell you to submit a urine sample, they can also use swab, blood or toe nail drug test…the possibilites are endless. Do not try this trick because it’s not going to work, Macujo or Jerry G method, these are the only options.