Where to Volunteer or Get Help



Where to Volunteer or Get Help


American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) advocacy office is multi-faceted.  Their legal teams assist with legal issues involving diabetes.  They also have a robust school advocacy program and engage in federal and state diabetes advocacy.

For more information about working on ADA advocacy programs visit www.diabetes.org/advocacy.



Engage with JDRF to participate in Type 1 diabetes advocacy programs like Children’s Congress, the Promise To Remember Me Campaign and advocate for the Special Diabetes Funding renewal.

For more information about working on JDRF advocacy programs visit www.advocacy.jdrf.org.


International Diabetes Federation

The International Diabetes Association (IDF) seeks to change the “Diabetes Paradox” by leading coordinated advocacy efforts at the global and national levels. The IDF has created number of amazing advocacy programs including Life For a Child which helps children in developing countries gain access to life saving care and diabetes education and supplies and World Diabetes Day which brings greater awareness to diabetes worldwide.

For more information about IDF’s advocacy programs visit www.idf.org/advocacy-and-policy

For more information about IDF’s Life for a Child program visit www.idf.org/lifeforachild

For more information about World Diabetes Day visit www.idf.org/worlddiabetesday


Diabetes Hands Foundation

Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) believes that no one touched by diabetes should ever feel alone because together we become stronger and have the power to generate positive change in ourselves and our community.  Instead of looking at diabetes, Diabetes Hands Foundation seeks to understand, connect and energize the millions of people living with this condition.

For more information about DHF’s tudiabetes, visit www.tudiabetes.org

For more information about DHF’s Big Blue Test, visit www.diabetesadvocates.org

For more information about DHF’s Diabetes Advocates, visit www.bigbluetest.org