Living Alone Without Being Alone!

by Sarah D. Rodriguez

I’ve never lived alone until now. This summer it will be me, myself, and I in a cute apartment in St. Petersburg’s art district, and I’m excited to figure out how to live on my own. I get to pick what’s for dinner. I don’t have to worry about keeping roommates happy. I can completely take over the bathroom with all of my makeup and perfumes. It truly is the first taste of freedom.

However, as a T1D, I have some worries. What if I go low at night and don’t wake up? What if I go too high to function? Who will take me to the hospital if my treatments aren’t working? It’s not that I don’t know how to take care of myself; almost 16 years of day-in and day-out diabetes management has me prepared for almost anything. Or so I think. Knowing I have no one to look out for me is daunting.

The reality is, I never can know what is going to happen. All I can do is take care of myself and be prepared for the unexpected. I keep a juice box next to my bed for nighttime lows. My glucagon is always in plain sight. I trained my landlords on how to use the glucagon and they have offered to look out for me.

I really am excited to have this time to figured out who I am when I am alone. It will allow me to make decisions for myself, which will really reveal where my priorities lie. Having diabetes adds a challenge, but it is a necessary responsibility in order to live life to the fullest.


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