Meet the Team

Nicole Johnson, DrPH, MPH, MA – T1D since 1993

Founder, Students With Diabetes
Executive Director, Bringing Science Home
Miss America 1999

Nicole created Students With Diabetes (SWD) to fill a void in services for young adults with T1D.  Everything she creates in SWD is something she would have loved access to as a young adult with diabetes. Nicole oversees all the research activities, conferences and program planning for SWD.

Stephanie Melton, PhD, MPH, MA – Type 3

Assistant Director, Bringing Science Home

Stephanie grew up with a family member who had T1D.  She uses her research and organization skills to help SWD grow and best serve people in need.  Stephanie is known as “Super Steph” in our offices.  This was her nickname at our first Students With Diabetes National Conference.

Ashley Wingert, MPH, CPH

Program Manager, Students With Diabetes

Ashley assists SWD chapters with organization, growth, development and regional connections through her position at Bringing Science Home.  Ashley is our social media “go to” and communicates frequently with SWD chapters across the country.

John Swanston, JD, MBA

John is responsible for both the SWD Internship Program and overall SWD marketing.  John works with all the SWD Intern finalists to schedule interviews, he sets up internship opportunities for SWD members, and works with diabetes companies to garner support for SWD.

Paige Wagner, MPH student – T1D

Paige is a T1D who is passionate about helping young adults with T1D succeed.  Paige manages the Tampa chapter of SWD and serves as a communications coordinator at SWD.