About Us



Students With Diabetes aims to create a community and connection point for young adults with diabetes ages 18-30 on both college campuses and in local communities across the country.


We want to simplify life for young adults with diabetes.  Young adult life presents new situation and experience which can be daunting. Students With Diabetes equips young adults with the tools and information they need to succeed, as well as providing professional and social opportunities to create individual networks.


USF Health is excited to launch Students With Diabetes, a peer and professional network for students and young adults living with Diabetes. The first chapter of this organization was established at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. This organization is funded by a generous gift from The Patterson Foundation that established Bringing Science Home. Student With Diabetes is a project of Bringing Science Home.

The dream of the organization began with the diagnosis of a college student at USF in 1993. That college student, Nicole Johnson, at diagnosis was told to drop out of school, give up on her career dreams and live a predictable [boring] life. Today, Nicole is the Executive Director of Bringing Science Home. (And she was also Miss America 1999.) Students With Diabetes is devoted to understanding the challenges facing students and young adults and strategizing ways to meet those challenges, allowing them to succeed. The goal of Students With Diabetes is to grow into nationwide organization offering membership to students and young adults across the country. It is imperative that students and young adults living with diabetes have the opportunity to connect with others like them and to learn about how to address diabetes in real life. For us, this is the starting point for a successful adult life with diabetes – something all students and young adults deserve.


In the Media

Living as a young diabetic – Article by Nicole Johnson and Sara Spowart at St. Petersburg Times Online